Vol. 174 No. #7
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More Stories from the September 27, 2008 issue

  1. Psychology

    World of hurt

    Treatments shown to diminish psychological problems in traumatized youngsters often don’t get used, an exhaustive research review concludes.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Amniotic sac not so sacrosanct

    Infections found in amniotic fluid may be more common than thought and may cause premature birth.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Eye protection

    A variant form of a gene called TLR3 offers some protection against the eye disease known as dry macular degeneration.

  4. Humans

    Honey of a discovery

    Investigators have discovered the remains of 3,000-year-old beehives in Israel, offering a glimpse of the oldest known beekeeping operation.

  5. Space

    Cosmic heavyweight

    Astronomers discover the heftiest, most distant galaxy cluster, suggesting evidence for dark energy’s existence.

  6. Neuroscience

    New insights on new neurons

    Neurogenesis works differently in two parts of the brain. New neurons are necessary for making memories and keep the olfactory bulb’s structure but aren’t needed for smelling, study in mice shows.

  7. Life

    Gene linked to commitment-phobia

    A common gene variation in men is linked to marital crises and less bonding in a study of more than 500 long-term couples.

  8. Physics

    Electrons as math whizzes

    A new paper suggests the possibility that the behavior of electrons in quantum systems could verify Riemann’s famous conjecture about prime numbers.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Calcium clue

    Excess calcium in the blood might signal an increased risk of fatal prostate cancer, a new study finds.

  10. Space

    Milky Way’s black hole seen in new detail

    New radio wave observations are giving astronomers their closest look yet at the supermassive black hole believed to be lurking at the center of our galaxy.

  11. Humans

    Infants have social sightlines

    One-year olds can translate personal experience into knowledge about others

  12. Life

    Gene regulation makes the human

    The regulation of genes, rather than genes alone, may have been crucial to primate evolution.

  13. Space

    PAMELA may have spotted the dark stuff

    An orbiting observatory may have discovered particles of dark matter -- the proposed, invisible material that researchers believe holds the universe together.

  14. Physics

    The proton’s strange new cousin

    Physicists have discovered a new particle made of three quarks, including two strange quarks. Its existence further validates the standard model of particle physics.

  15. Humans

    Inborn path to math

    A new study links math achievement with individual differences in the ability to rapidly estimate quantities.

  16. Life

    Sting Operation

    Scientists use bees and wasps to sniff out the illicit and the dangerous.

  17. Neuroscience

    Breaking the Barrier

    A technique combining ultrasound pulses with microbubbles may help scientists move therapeutic drugs across the brain’s protective divide.

  18. Astronomy

    Last Call

    The final mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope could radically transform the observatory, but the crew faces some special challenges.