110 million for the Sri Lanka Super League Football Tournament


Cost for the Tournament


An estimate of Rs 114 million has  been submitted for the Sri Lanka Super League football tournament which is being organized by registering the top 10 football clubs of the country as private companies (Pvt Ltd). 

About the Rewards

This is the first semi-professional football tournament to be held in Sri Lanka. The 10 football clubs nominated for the tournament will be awarded Rs. 3 million each and a cash prize of Rs. 50 lakhs will be awarded to the winning team of the league. 

From then onwards, cash prizes will be awarded to the other teams participating in the 10th place and a special feature of the tournament will be to provide super transport facilities to the outstation teams whom come to Colombo to participate in the competitions.



Condition on Signing Foreign Players

Four foreign players will be allowed to participate in the competition. Thats three players from out of the Asian country and one player from Asian country.

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