Age Fraud or Underage Fraud in FFSL Under 12 Tournament 2019

Football Federation of Sri Lanka is conducted Under 12 Inter
Academy Championship on 10th August 2019 at Racecourse Colombo.

The final stage consists of 12 teams who are the winners of 1st and 2nd stages of the
competition were played in the final stage of the tournament namely

  1. Barcelona
  2. First Touch
  3. Saunders
  4. Manchester
  5. Renown
  6. Java Lane
  7. Jaffna FFSL.
  8. Sussex
  9. Seta
  10. Traveler
  11. Liverpool
  12. Solid

Reliable informations revealed that an academy particpated in the above tournament (1 on of the team in 12) has breached 

the rule of the tournament by including over aged players (12+) in their squad.  At a moment the confidential fraud age issue was raised by

opponent team mates and coaches. Meanwhile there is no official response from the tournament organizers and further informations revelead that

there is no connection between the problem and the tournament organizers. But this situation was brought on to the FFSL .


But,unfortunately Under 12 Inter Academy Football Tournament was stopped due to bad weather condition.
As per this situation, organising committee has decided to postponed this carnival until further notice.

We are publishing these kind of issues and problems to the world because to stop these kind of fraud incidents in Sri Lanka and to develop professionalisim in Sri Lankan Football. Age fraud is used  to gain an advantage over opponents in a football match or tournament.  Stay with us for more information 

Under 12 is not an adult age to take decision and to play in Underage tournament but the personalities from the Academy trying to get beneift from their phsycial appearance or some other characteristcs. It's responsibility of the management of the academy to make sure such incidents not to happen. 





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