Another 10 Players for Sri Lanka Football Squad

The Head Coach of the Sri Lankan Men’s National Football Team, Mr. Amir Alagić,
recently announced the 22 players selected for the upcoming National Training Camp.

Along with the selected 22 he has selected ten (10) additional players to be on the waiting
list for future training camps before selecting the final National Squad for the remaining
FIFA World Cup Qualifier matches.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka’s current most senior player Sujan Perera has officially been
appointed as the new Captain of the Sri Lanka Men’s National Football Team.

The 10 players selected on the waiting list are as follows;

WL 1    CMF M.N.M. Musthaq New Star SC 
WL 2    CMF M.N. Mohamed Fazal Colombo FC
WL 3    WF Sasanga D. Jayasekara Ratnam SC 
WL 4    RW M.F.M. Aman Renown SC 
WL 5    CF Asela Madushan Sea Hawks FC
WL 6    LW Vijayakumar Vignesh St. Nicholas SC Jaffna
WL 7    RW Shenal Sandesh Blue Star SC
WL 8    WF M.A.M. Hasmeer Sea Hawks FC
WL 9    FB A.A.S.R. Appuhamy Defenders FC
Maldives FB   Y. Duckson Puslas New Youngs FC

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