Gampaha Football League Tournament Rules & Regulations 2019/20

Rules & Regulations

 Clubs Participation

  • 1. Clubs registered in the Gampaha Football League (GFL) can only participate in the tournament. List of 25 players registered at the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) should be submitted as team card, along with their NIC numbers, and entrance fee of Rs 500/-, to the secretary/GFL 10 days before the tournament commences. Any registered club of GFL that had not registered with FFSL for 2019 can submit a new list.
  • 2. No changes or amendments to the name list are allowed once tournament is commenced.
  • 3. Foreign players are not allowed in teams. 03 players from the defense services (Army, Police, Air, Civil Defense and Navy forces) are allowed to be included in the team. (within 25 player list)
  • 4. Valid identification document (NIC, Passport or Driving License) must present by the player at each game. Identity cards issued by Milo tournament or Postal department are accepted for school players (age under 16 years).
  • 5. No player can represent any other team in the GFL other than the team where he is registered for 2019 or any other team outside of GFL. Violation of this rule will lead to suspension of the club from the tournament.

 Tournament

6. All matches are held on league basis in 04 groups at the preliminary rounds and on knock-out basis at the final stage.

7. Match duration will be 30-10-30 basis (60 minutes playing time) for first round matches.

8. Winning team will receive 03 points. One point is granted to each team at draw (equal score)

9. If the match is decided to be abandoned due to bad weather, game will be resumed on other day and will only be played for remaining period.

10. 05 listed players can be substituted during the match.

11. All matches will be refereed by the FFSL licensees.

12. Proper sports attire (boots, properly numbered t-shirts & shorts in uniformed color, shin guards etc.) must be worn by all players at all times during the play.

13. Footballs for the game will be provided by GFL.

14. Any player who is offended with red card and player who received two yellow cards in two succeeding matches, will be suspended from playing the next immediate game.

15. Team must report to the ground before 20 minutes of the match starting time. If team is late by 15 minutes from starting time, team will not be allowed to play and other team will be offered walk-over win with a Goal and one point.


 Other

16. Any protest or complaint regarding the match played, must be submitted to the Tournament Committee within ½ hour after match is over, along with Rs 1000/-. If the protest or dispute is resolved in favor of initiating club, fee will be refunded.

17. Player or team or both shall be suspended from playing further in the tournament, if found guilty of violating any rule or regulation of the tournament.

18. All decisions taken by the Tournament committee will be final and cannot be disputed or challenged.

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