Historical Moments of Sri Lanka's Oldest Club Victory SC - Sumith Walpola

Saunders Football Club Head Coach Sumith Walpola shared few historic moments of Slave Island based Victory football club recently.

"Victory is the team grone under mastermind midfielder and scientifically Ball Distributer Zainulabdeen master. I can remember most of the finals played Saunders vs Victory or RATHNAM S.C. Victory produced many National players. VICTORY SC had very good ground boy called DAMBAR CAACA.He comes to the ground every practise sharp 3.00PM and mark attendent register. His life gave it to VICTORY S.C. VICTORY is one of the best football playing club SOUTH ASIA. WHEN VICTORY PLAYING MATCHES ENTIER SLAVE ISLAND COME TO CHEER. WHAT A TEAM VICTORY IS."


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