Kalutara Banned for Football Matches: Blue Stars Rescued Defending Champions

Defending Champions Colombo FC played against Kalutara Blue Star at their home soil Vernon Fernando Stadium, Kalutara. When it close to the end of the match, Blue Star scored their equalizer goal.  As a result of that fans around the pitch celebrated by jumping in to the ground. Meanwhile the records and reliable informations reveals that the crowed attacked the main referee Mohamed Asaad  Along with that attack the match was abandoned. At that moment the score was 1 - 1 with 11 minutes remaining for the full time.

Sri Lanka Football Federation decided to conduct the match with an additional time inclusive of 20 minutes in a football ground located at Colombo. But no information about the venue is not yet revealed yet by the FFSL.

Meanwhile as a result of this interdisciplinary action by Kalutara football fans, The 3 matches which were planned to be played on Kalutara Vernon Fernando Stadium were banned and will be changed to different venue. With that Blue Star loses 3 home matches and will be playing in another ground probably away  from Kalutara.

Sri Lankan football is working on a vision of Interantionalization but these kind of interdisciplinary actions by the fans or the people will destroy the fame of Developing Football of Sri Lanka. It's a main responsibility to of an home team fans to protect the away team players and officials. Because they here to play a match which entertains you and your friends and all the football fan around there. It's a mandotary obligation to protect other palyes and officials 

Also we very much appreacite Blue Star players and few fans whom protected and help the players to leave from the ground safely without any further problems. As a FOOTBALL MEDIA FOOGUE appreciate Blue Star players sportsmanship.

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