Memories of Sri Lankan Football Against International Teams



In 1984, During Asian Cup tournament played in Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka played against UAE which ended with result like above. Our current FFSL president, Our National coach, and trainer are the notable players that played on that 35 years ago. This score reminds me of those good times. Even though we lost the match, we never failed to make memories, Thank you for making us proud to be a Sri Lankan said Sivakumar Subramaniyam


Meanwhile Mr Muhiseen Ariff mentioned shared with us some most inspiring memories of Sri Lankan Football. He stated that..Its a great memory one of the best team ever i saw in Jeddah S.A in 1984 Asian Qualifying match played in the astro turf 1st time, where our President Mr. Aunra De Silva and our National coach Mr Roomy Packeer Ali played togeather where i went has the Personal Emisorry of the team in advance to organise their stay  during Mr. F.A Yaseen Period and following is the full match result if i am not mistaken
1. Sri Lanka Vs Nepal                      
          we won 5 /1
2. Sri Lanka Vs Oman 
         Drew 1/1
3. Sri Lanka Vs Suadi Arabia
          Lost 5/0
4. Sri Lanka Vs U.A.E
          Lost 5/1
Therefore i see the present team also maintaing the same standard.That time Naina was the youngest player to represent the sri lanka team heads off to our President / National Coach Mr Packeer Ali was the no 1 players of the team .


All the best in the future matches.



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