New Players from Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Nigeria will Join Sri Lanka Football Team

Seven Other Footballers are applying for dual citizenship

It is reported that seven other players of Sri Lankan origin who have spent time abroad have applied for Sri Lankan Citizenship in the hope of playing football for Sri Lanka. According to the Sri Lanka Football Federation, they are citizens of France, Germany, Canada, Britain and Nigeria

Five players of Sri Lankan origin who applied for dual citizenship to play for Sri Lanka have recently been granted the Sri Lankan citizenship

From the other seven players includes Claudio Matheiu from Germany, Kelly Garrett from Germany, Tiffany from Canada, Todonchu Francis from Nigeria. Kelly Christopher is a british citizen, is applying for Sri Lankan citizenship and is currently playing in the fourth tier league of football in Greece.

If the applications are accepted, 12 players of Sri Lanka origin who have spent time abroad for the national football squad will be eligible to join the national football squad. These players range in age from 18 to 27 years. They are currently participating in sports clubs and back-to-back league football tournaments in overdue countries.

Among the above players, a 27 years old Todonchu Francis, 6.3 feet height player who is currently playing in the Sri Lankan Champions League. Representing the Slave Island Javalane Sports Club.

The main objective of the Sri Lanka Football Federation is to present a fully recognized Sri Lankan National football team for next years South Asian Football Championship

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