Rumours Evolve that FFSL is going to Introduce President's Cup with 20 Teams

The Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) has planned to start the return of football with a new tournament in July. The new President’s Cup will comprise of 20 Leading clubs paricipating for the title, The FFSL announced today.

The participating teams will be:
1. Defenders FC
2. Colombo FC
3. Blue Star FC
4. Sea Hawks FC
5. Renown SC
6. Ratnam SC
7. Upcountry Lions FC
8. Red Star SC
9. Blue Eagle FC
10.New Youngs SC
11.Saunders SC
12.Javalane SC
13.Matara City FC
14.Police FC
15.Serendib FC
16.Super Sun FC
17.Crystal Palace FC
18.Newstar SC
20.Moragasmulla SC

Tournament teams will in four groups. The group stage will be played on league basis. The top two team will be playing the quarter final knock outs and proceed to the semi finals and final accordingly. All matches will be played at the Sugathasasa Stadium and Race Course Stadium

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