South Korea vs Sri Lanka First Half Match Points

What we should correct from our first half playing against Korea.

First of all we have to say that time taking or delaying strategy to 
avoid goals doesnt make sense when you take more time to play the ball. That will end up with bookings.
other than that you can waste the time by ] keeping the ball and playing

No need long throws everytime

Unwanted yellow cards due to time delay

Unwanted RED CARD Tackles

Goal Keeper comes for each and every free kicks, once we lose the
the ball korean players strike towards us very fast but unfortunately
our players dont have much speed to tackle korean strikers unless 

Goal Keeper taking more time to play the ball & should belive on
the defenders to play the ball with them rather trying the long ball everytime

Strikers all the best do the best since you guys are creating opportunities give 
support to the core strikers.

Anyway Lets play the game.. will focus on the match. We are doing good Cheers guys

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