Sri Lanka Football Federation Distributing Rs 300,000 for Champions League Clubs Rs 150,000 for Division 1 Clubs and more

Covid-19 relief program for Sri Lankan Football Community by Football Federation of Sri Lanka.

FIFA has taken a decision to distribute allocated funds for all member associations under FIFA
Forward 2.0 program without any restriction. Hence, FFSL would receive all funds of 2019 and
2020 without any deduction based on Forward 2.0 regulations and we are obliged to use these funds
as per regulations.
Nevertheless, we requested FIFA to approve USD 100,000/- to be used on COVID19 Pandemic
relief project initiated by FFSL. Hence, we shall use these funds to assist member leagues of FFSL,
Clubs, Players, Referees, Coaches and Ex National players, Ex Referees too who are in difficulties
during this pandemic period.
With the approval from FIFA with regard to COVID19 pandemic relief program, we shall transfer
funds to all affiliated and active leagues based on their participation in FFSL conducted events in
2019 or was eligible to participate based their qualifications for events in 2019. (we could not start
some events due the affect suffered by Easter Bombing and later due to adverse weather)
We shall support leagues in two stages. First fund release shall take place by 12 or 13 May and
second stage by end May or first week of June.
We shall implement a criteria for fund allocation based on their participation in 2019 FA Cup as
we insisted all leagues to conduct the 1st round within their league and to consider that as their
knock-out tournament for 2019.
Further, fund allocations will be done to all clubs of 2018/19 Dialog Champions League and all
Clubs of Division I of 2018/19.
A league will receive between 100,000/- to 300,000/- for total nearly 54 leagues and Dialog
Champions League 17 Clubs will receive 300,000/-, Division I club shall receive 150,000/-.
We also would help former national players, coaches, referees etc.
Women national pool and U19 National pool of 2019 also would be given with a grant to support
their families.
FFSL also would do a donation towards National COVID19 Fund as a gesture for general public
in this situation.
Furthermore, FFSL has requested further approval from FIFA to release fund from FIFA
Forward 2.0 fund to use in stage II

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Sri Lanka Football Federation Distributing Rs 300,000 for Champions League Clubs Rs 150,000 for Division 1 Clubs and more
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