Sri Lanka Football Federation to Start Super League in 2020

FFSL to launch the new Professional Football League on January 25th, 2020 in grand style .
A meeting with potential clubs were held on Tuesday 27 November 2019 to explain the club licensing criteria to the clubs.
Some 15 top clubs were invited and 10 teams to be qualified for this new version of the competition.

Named as “ Super League” , this competition will run for 6 months with 90 matches with colorful match delivery to the fans.

FFSL President, GS and two FIFA Officials were present at this meeting.


According to this super league the football tournament hierarchy will be like this.

  1. Super League 
  2. Champions League
  3. Division 1 Championship
  4. Division 2 Championship
January 13th, 2020
Is there already schedule when matches will take place, especially in February?
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