Sri Lanka Proudly Hosting The World Surf League (WSL) 2019

The World Surf League (WSL) 2019 Men’s Event to be held from 25 th – 29 th
September at Arugum Bay is a major International Sport Event, Sri Lanka is
hosting after the Easter Attacks.

This tour will also contribute towards qualification for the 2020 Olympics in
Tokyo, where surfing will be featured for the first time in as an Olympic Sport.

The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) welcome all participants from around
the world as this competition will offer a unique opportunity for local surfers to
compete with international participants. We thank the Government and the
Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka for making this event a reality and showcasing Sri
Lanka as an ideal surfing location in the world.

In the recent years of Sri Lanka’s Tourism Product, Arugum Bay and Ella are two
destinations where tourism has developed at a rapid pace. This is mainly through
local initiatives. THASL strongly believes Tourism is an area where every Sri
Lankan can play a role and sincerely thank Sri Lanka Surfing Federation for coming
together with World Surf League (WSL) bringing great honor and valuable
publicity to the country.

We would like to state that diversity in terms of the range of leisure activities on
offer is one of our country’s principal strengths on an aggressively competitive
regional environment.

It is crucial to depart from the beaten track and blaze new trails in order to take
tourism industry to new levels of achievement. Surfing and other terms of water
sports are a natural extension of our tourism product, given the globally
recognized attractions of our coast and the water around us. This potential, so
clearly evident, has been inadequately utilized up to now. It is a matter for deep
satisfaction that this gap is now being filled. It is, therefore, with a sense of
profound appreciation that we congratulate the Surfing Association, and the
initiatives of the dynamic officials, on the timely focus that they have given to a
largely neglected aspect of Sri Lankan Tourism. It is entirely fitting that their
efforts together with the support given by the Government have been met with
international recognition. They have certainly done our country proud.

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