63.5 Million for Super League Playing Club - Only Allowance is paid for Players? - Football Sri Lanka

Rs 63.5 million money is spent for the clubs whom playing in the FFSL Super League 2021 as grant to prize money. Except the forces many club owners are members of the EXCO comity of Football Federation of Sri Lanka. Some of them are league presidents who will directly impact the elections. Lot of players have complained they dont get paid the amounts which they have been told or agreed. Some get 50% of the agreed amount. Young players get only a small allowance.


Is there any representative monitoring the club payments to the players from the Football Federation of Sri Lanka.  If monitoring is hard then is there any process to verify that players got enough amount of money for playing in a professional league.  If FFSL pumping huge money on clubs are the club owners and management enjoying the best of it.


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