The National Men’s Football Team to Commence Training on 22nd June 2020 + PLAYERS LIST

The Men’s National Football team players will return to training on the 22nd June 2020, adhering
to the regulation provided by the health authorities in the view of Covid -19 outbreak.

Therefore, in the first phase FFSL is planning to start training with 18 players in a residential
training camp at the National Football Training Center in Beddagana, Kotte. As the stage one of
the program, Amir Alagic (Head Coach) will be planning to work on technical and physical training
of players of the selected squad invited to attend training.

At present, Football Federation of Sri Lanka has undertaken few renovations and additions to the
National Football Training Center to be align with required measures in consultation with
relevant authorities to ensure the safety of every individual involved in this process and has
formulated a set of procedures to adhere, during the residential camp.


  1. M. Chalana Chameera - Saunders SC - Fullback
  2. Sivakumaran Rubanraj - Renown SC - Fullback
  3. H. Niran Kanishka - Colombo FC - Fullback
  4. Mahendran Dinesh - SL POLICE SC - Goalkeeper
  5. Prabath Ruwan Arunasiri - Blue Eagles SC - Goalkeeper
  6. Y. Duckson Puslas - New Youngs FC - Center Defender
  7. S. Jude Supan - Renown SC - Center Defender
  8. B.M Charitha Rathnanayake - Colombo FC - Center Defender
  9. M.A Asikoor Rahuman - Defenders FC - Defensive Midfielder
  10. M.N Afeel Mohamed - Colombo FC - Defensive Midfielder
  11. M.N Mohamed Fazal - Colombo FC - Center Midfielder
  12. M Rizkhan Faizer - Java Lane SC - Attacking Midfielder
  13. Mohamed Shabeer Razooniya - SL  POLICE SC - Center Midfielder
  14. L.M.O Sajith Kumara - Defenders FC - Right Wing
  15. M.N Abdul Basith - Colombo FC - Right Wing
  16. L.H Kavindu Ishan - Blue Eagles SC - Left Wing
  17. Rifkhan Mohamed - SL Police SC - Center Forward
  18. K Dilip Suraj Pieris - Renown SC - Center Forward


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