Unfair Decision for New Star SC Over the Protest Lodged by Blue Eagles

Football Federation of Sri Lanka announced that Blue Eagles will advanced to Semi Finals of FFSL President Cup 2020. The reason behind the protest was New Star SC fielding an overage player using false documents as a marquee player as per the regulation of the Vantage FFSL President’s Cup 2020 tournament. 

Information from reliable sources revealed that New Star proved with all the documents and proofs that the player is 18 Years old and eligible to play for Presidents Cup 2020. And furthermore, the submissions were agreed by the FFSL eventhough FFSL has a made a decision not to give the victory to New Star because that player has been played in 2019 FA Cup with an another ID.  Due to that and quoting that a player should not have two IDs, FFSL has taken the decision against New Star.

Furthermore the reliable information sources revealed that  there is no proof or evidence that New Star used false documents in the Match against Blue Eagles and FFSL is also agree for that.  According to this the Vicoty Should be in the hands of New Star rather giving the favour for Blue Eagles. And they should take legal action agains the Club, Player under the tournament rules of VANTAGE FA CUP 2019.

Meanwhile New Star has proven talent in Sri Lankan Football by knocking out poupular clubs in Sri Lanka. This is because that they have got several other talented players coming to play for the club from various parts of Sri Lanka. With this decision all the talented players are affected.. 

If FFSL is decided  with last year tournament details then its unfair for other football clubs played against New Star in the previous stages of President Cup 2020.  Foogue pointing some questions as a result of this decision.

  1. Befor clubs lodging the complains Isnt it FFSL responsiblity to check over false documents?
  2. Overage & False documents are created by Coaches and Club Management but not players. This is true right?
  3. If Blue Eagles know about this problem.. shouldnt they inform earlier in the tournament?


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